May 19, 2004

Incredible Performance

The Arizona Diamondbacks' Randy Johnson pitched a perfect game against Atlanta. And that included thirteen strikeouts! This is his second complete game in the last 10 games he started. If he keeps up this performance, he could be looking at a Cy Young award in the Fall.

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May 17, 2004

Oh Those Cubs

Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

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April 30, 2004

How to Make Jeff Happy

Combine baseball and math. Mmmmm.....

(Of course, baseball is well-suited to statistical analysis, more so than most sports, because of the large number of games played in a season, and the large number of repeat match-ups. Still, it's nice to see someone applying statistics to learn lessons about what works and what doesn't.)

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April 05, 2004

But More Importantly...

Baseball season is with us, and I'm watching the Cubs @ Cincinnati rerun from this afternoon. The Cubs took advantage of an E7 in the 8th to get two runs (they had been up by only one), and will likely win the game. <voice tone="homer simpson">Mmmmmmm, baseball</voice>.

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October 16, 2003

The Graveyard of the National League

Oh well, maybe next year.

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October 05, 2003

Do They Still Play the Blues in Chicago?

Not today!

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October 04, 2003

They're Playing with my Head!

While the Cubbies are making me nervous, Pejmanesque has a prayer good for a laugh.

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September 27, 2003

It Might Be...It Could Be...IT IS!

Cubs win the pennant!

I have to find my brother and gloat, now. Heh heh heh.

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April 17, 2003

Baseball Note

Connor's team, the Orioles, lost to the Phillies tonight, 14-8. It was closer than it sounds. The Phillies got 5 runs in the top of the 5th, and since you can only get 5 runs in an inning, the Orioles wouldn't have been able to catch up. It was 9-8 going into the 5th. Connor got a single, and was stranded at 3rd, in the second inning.

The Cubbies, meanwhile, beat the Reds, bringing their record to 10-6, in first place.

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April 10, 2003


Jay Leno, commenting on the Detroit Tigers' 0-8 start, noted that they have "had a worse Spring then the Republican Guard." Ouch.

Meanwhile, the Cubbies are at 5-4, after losing to Montreal tonight, 7-1. Hint to the Cubs: 1 run in the bottom of the ninth is not a "rally."

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April 06, 2003

Do They Still Play the Blues in Chicago?

Yes. Cubs lose to Cincy 5-4 today (all four runs were in the top of the first, and three were unearned!), making their record 3-3.

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April 04, 2003

Sosa Hits #500

Sammy Sosa hit his 500th career home run, making him the 8th player ever to reach that level. Cubs lose, though, bringing their record to 2-2-0.

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April 02, 2003

Do They Still Play the Blues in Chicago?

Yes. Mets win 4-2. Cubs record: 1-1-0

By the way, here is the reference to the title.

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March 31, 2003

Cubs Win!

Cubs win big! 15-2 over the Mets.

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