November 11, 2004


As of today, Memorial Day 2004, 1249 American soldiers, sailors and airmen; 141 coalition soldiers, sailors and airmen; and an unknown number of our Iraqi and Afghan allies (certainly numbering in the hundreds, and perhaps in the thousands) have been killed fighting in the anti-terror campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. The names of our dead, and for many their pictures and their stories, can be found here. I thank them and their families, and I offer their memories the promise that I will never forget their service and their sacrifice on behalf of myself, my family and our country.

UPDATE (11/12): You make one tiny mistake... Yes, I know it's Veterans' Day, I'm just (apparently) a moron.

Posted by Jeff at November 11, 2004 03:44 PM | Link Cosmos

It's Veteran's Day. And you are very welcome anyway...

Remember, every soldier out there needs some knuckelhead like yourself as a voice to say the things we cant. Because we were too busy, tired, or the wieght of the past, the things a vet sees in combat are just too much. I want to say what you do here every day, but I dont. Why, because I faught my fight. And the only way to have become a veteran is to serve our great nation in the military and live through the experience.

Yes, thank you Jeff. Give us a voice.

Posted by: Beechead on November 12, 2004 10:21 PM
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