October 27, 2004

Let's Try Freedom

I discovered Bob Hayes's "Let's Try Freedom" blog after getting an email from him. An excellent blog, of which the most interesting recent posts include:

A reminder of a citizen's responsibilities to defend their Republic. This is a point that cannot be made too often, and one of President Bush's greatest failings in my eyes is that he is too government-oriented to have made or to make a call for citizen participation in our collective defense. Glenn Reynolds calls this idea "a pack, not a herd." Reynolds gives as an example of this philosophy the perfect case of the ball dropped: the Washington, DC snipers. Why did the mayor or the governor not call out the militia? This was the perfect time and place for it. And as Hayes notes, it is our responsibility as citizens to take on these burdens for our own and the common good.

A reason why he switched from pro-choice to anti-abortion. On a moral level I agree with him here, and in fact have flipped my position on abortion in the same way, and for similar reasons. On a political level, though, if we can't have a political debate and come to a reasonable compromise (and we cannot do so as long as the Supreme Court mandates a solution and everyone else accepts that solution), I would rather the Federal government be kept completely away from abortion, than have the Federal government able to mandate a single nationwide policy.

A four-part defense of the electoral college here, here, here and here.

A rather unconventional take on the proper behavior of hostages in Iraq. It's one I happen to agree with: if you're captured, fight. At least don't give them the propaganda.

Definitely a new addition to the blogroll.

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