September 10, 2004

Blogosphere Needs Editors

It's true, you know, what the mainstream media says: the big problem with the blogosphere is the lack of editors (producers, if you are a TV "journalist"). Because, without editors, bloggers might fall victim to easily-detected forgeries and partisan hacks and might spin a mighty story around trumped-up insinuations of wrongdoing or incompetence1, constantly repeating already-debunked stories and unsubstantiated charges in a blatant effort to smear their ideological opponent, while repeating the talking points of their ideological counterpart verbatim.

Curious, then, that all of these problems of credibility overload seem to be with mainstream media outlets that do employ editors.

1Let me just state for the record, that having landed C172s, I'd be amazed if anyone flying under a military flight regime and in an F-102A stuck every single landing. (Perfect landings can be hard.) Anyway, just exactly how relevant is it to President Bush's performance as President that he went around sometimes? Furthermore, if this doesn't disprove the occassional allegations by mainstream journalists that it's only blogs that focus on irrelevant non-stories, I don't know what will.

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