May 14, 2004

The Place is a Madhouse; Feels Like Being Cloned

The backstory around the murder of Nick Berg is getting weird. I didn't post on this when I first saw it, because it smelled of a disinformation campaign. But there are too many reliable sources to ignore it now, so I've got to get something out:

It doesn't matter if Nick Berg's father supports A.N.S.W.E.R., is actually a communist (assumed because of his support for an organization of unreconstructed Stalinists), blames President Bush for his son's death. Nothing else about his father or his family matters, either.

It doesn't matter that Nick Berg was apparently Jewish.

It doesn't matter that he had connections to Zaccarias Moussawi, and may have had other connections to al Qaeda.

It doesn't matter who detained him, why, or for how long.

It doesn't matter that he refused a flight out of the country, or ignored the recommendation of US officials to leave.

All that matters is this: Nick Berg was an American, who was beheaded because he was an American with the temerity to try to help the people of Iraq. And if we allow the type of people who beheaded Nick Berg to triumph in this war, every American is in serious danger of that fate.

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