January 04, 2004

The Purpose of...

Belmont Club has a post and a followup about a misguided analysis by The Guardian of international events. In the post, Wretchard writes:

The object of war is peace. If that sounds Orwellian, try this: the object of work is leisure. The object of saving is spending. The purpose of fighting is to stop fighting.

And in the followup, a reader suggests:
Is it not also true to say:

The object of war is victory
The object of saving is accumulation
The object of fighting is domination

If the object of war was peace, there would never be another war. If all saving was spent there would never be capital accumulation, and if all fighting was to stop fighting how would bullies ever get the idea that fighting was a winning strategy?

With all due respect to both, the object of war is peace without surrender; the object of work is leisure without destitution; the object of saving is spending without debt; and the purpose of fighting is to obtain what you want or require, when it is not available any other way.

If peace is more important to the citizens of a nation than liberty and self-determination, they will have peace at the cost of the loss of their liberty and right to self-determination - and possibly a much higher price - unless they are lucky enough to be protected from predation by a powerful patron. For the Canadians and the Europeans, and to some extent any westernized nation, they are fortunate to have the US around to fight for them. The alternative would be that they would have to give up the philosophical basis of their politics, or be conquered.

Posted by Jeff at January 4, 2004 01:34 PM | Link Cosmos

It seems to me that the Europeans are being conquered from within, by procreative means. Non-assimilative immigrants to Europe are making themselves fruitful and multiplying. A reconquista via uterus.

The prime concern of the US in this matter is to try not to let highly destructive weapons fall into the hands of the enemies of western civilization. The fate of the Europeans themselves is secondary.

Posted by: RB on January 5, 2004 06:24 PM
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