September 09, 2003

How to Look at the War on Terror

David Horowitz has a magnificent essay in FrontPageMag (hat tip: Mrs. du Toit), dealing with perceptions of the war on terror, the importance of being on the offense, and where help can be found. Apropos that last point:

The way to think about the war on terror is to ask yourself who is supporting President Bush and the American military in this life and death engagement, and who is not?

Help is certainly not coming from the European nations who armed and then appeased Saddam Hussein and opposed the liberation of Iraq and who now refuse to aid America in securing the peace.

Far worse, with exception of fading candidates like Joe Lieberman and John Edwards, it is certainly not coming from the leaders of the Democratic Party who from the moment Baghdad was liberated have with ferocious intensity attacked the credibility of America’s commander-in-chief, the justification for our mission in Iraq, and the ability of our forces to prevail.

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