June 10, 2003

Winds of Change

Winds of Change is a group blog, headed up by Joe Katzman. There are three excellent features which make this blog worthy of note: the writing quality and opinion diversity of the contributors, the writing quality and opinion diversity of the commentors, and the focus on events through series of posts by different authors and through recurrent features such as "Winds of War". Here, then, is a sample of recent posts:

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: CONFLICT DIAMONDS - Armed Liberal points out a major and too-little-discussed engine feeding the violence in Africa, and suggests something we can do about it.

RANDINHO'S LATIN AMERICA BRIEFING: 2003-06-10 - Randy Paul glosses Central and South American politics over the last week.

BACK IN THE USSR? THE NEW E.U. - Joe Katzman discusses the anti-democratic and anti-liberal foundations of the emerging E.U. This post is also an excellent example of the quality of people who post comments to Winds of Change.

MORE ACADEMIC SELF-DESTRUCTION - Trent Talenko discusses the response of academics to the firing of Sami al-Arian, a University of South Florida professor under indictment for terrorist activities.

THE DEATH OF FRANCE? - Trent Telenko looks at the failure of France to integrate immigrants, and what that means for France in the Future.

VENEMOUS KATE'S WINDS OF WAR: 2003-06-09 - Venemous Kate glosses the war on terror.

All of this, and I haven't even finished going back through yesterday. Go read.

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