May 25, 2003

Clinton to Blog?

Sgt. Stryker points to a FoxNews article which notes:

Clinton told the audience that his Web site, which is now up and running, will soon offer his take on news events as they happen. "Now you'll know what's really going on," he promised. "Since you're not told that often these days."

It doesn't sound to me like he's actually going to write this himself. His usual flacks will probably write the material based on Clinton's vague directions, and then he'll alter a few things and approve the text. In fact, it doesn't sound like a blog at all (depends on the meaning of "as they happen"?), which is kind of sad, because I really want him to have comments turned on.

Posted by Jeff at May 25, 2003 12:41 AM | Link Cosmos

I'm sure the "vast, right-wing conspiracy" will soon DDOS the box....

Posted by: Mark L on May 25, 2003 09:14 AM

I guarantee there won't be a comments section, unless it's moderated to eliminate those who don't bow before the altar of Clinton. Of course those females willing to bow before him will be asked to leave their contact information I'm sure.

Posted by: Brian on May 25, 2003 10:56 PM

Well, he won't be short of content for it!

For a full transcript of the astonishing 'CLINTON CHRONICLES' video, go to

And for a series of revealing quotes on Clinton, cocaine, and CIA drug smuggling through Mena Airport, Arkansas, go to L

We shouldn't forget, of course, Ron Brown - who, before his untimely death, seemed set and determined to bring Clinton dowm. See

Posted by: John Whitley on July 9, 2003 09:52 AM
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