May 07, 2003


And here is an example of why Lileks' bleats are so widely read:

I hear little feet hit the floor upstairs; I start up the stairs, and hear the feet scurrying back to bed. By the time I get to her room shes making fake snoring sounds. Im raising an actress. Or a sociopath. And the difference is? Discuss.

From the same bleat, discussing advice to callers to talk radio shows:
3. If you met the host on a plane a year ago, or a reception six months ago, do not embarrass everyone by bringing it up. Unless you did something memorable, such as driving your heel into his foot while shouting I AM THE VENGEANCE OF ASHERON AND ALL HIS MINIONS the host probably wont remember who you are. Its nothing personal. (Unless it is.)

Can I be James Lileks when I grow up?

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