April 25, 2003

Sometimes, the Parents are the Problem

Tammy McQuoid points to this article by Tim Grobaty, which states in part:

Jenkins is working on a project researching the effects of the '33 quake on schools in the Long Beach Unified School District. If you're one of those who attended class 'neath the eucalyptus in Rec Park, or on the athletic field at Poly, or in the tent-like bungalows at Jefferson or at any of the other al fresco post-quake campuses in town, you can contact Jenkins via e-mail at pjen kins@lbusd.k12.ca.us . OUR NERVOUS, NURTURING SIDE: According to this alarming missive from the American Red Cross, "Now, more than ever before, youth are relying on the adults in their lives for reassurance and guidance.'

This is bad news for our kids, who have been raised thus far with an incredibly jumpy father. A UPS truck rumbles down our block and we're apt to scream "EARTHQUAKE!' and snatch our kids and hurl them through the living room picture window for their own safety. About the most reassuring thing we've ever uttered to our children is "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!'

This is why we're totally against home-schooling. We rely on schools not only to teach our kids about guns and sex, but also about the horrors of war, terrorism and other traumatic events. Because, after you strip away our almost transparent veneer of bravado, we're pretty much always packed and ready to bolt.

Mr. Grobaty's real problem, of course, is that he is unable to take responsibility for his kids' emotional security. If he thinks the government schools will do better, he should read this.

Posted by Jeff at April 25, 2003 09:44 PM | Link Cosmos

Man, I'm glad you found something in the Grobaty article coherent enough to comment on. I thought that I was just too tired when I tried to read it last night, and my brain was shutting down and refusing to let the words make sense. But I'm having the same trouble this morning. Is it really that badly written, or is my own form of ADD kicking in?

Posted by: Stephanie on April 26, 2003 09:01 AM

It ain't just you, man. You oughta see him before he gets his first cuppa java! If you ever make it to downtown Long Beach in the morning, you stand a better than average chance of spotting him leaning against a light pole ranting about the minoritys! Hell, I've seen him walking through alleys checking out disgarded furniture! The guy's a nut case! Avoid him at all costs!

Posted by: Tom on May 21, 2003 12:58 AM
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