April 05, 2003

The Trouble with Maps

Iraqi Minister of Disinformation, Day 1: The evil invaders have been repulsed at the border.

Day 2: The infidel foe has been utterly defeated at Umm Qasr.

Day 3: The enemy dead litter the field around Basra. Allah is merciful.

Day 4: Our brave, courageous and loyal soldiers have repulsed the enemy at An Nasiriyah.

Day 5: Allah has given us victory at An Najaf, and the enemy plan is in tatters. Surely the kaffir will soon realize the error of his ways.

(Time passes)

Day 14: Al Kut has been the burial ground of thousands of infidels as our brave Arab nation has beaten the enemy with pickup trucks.

Day 15: The ground quakes beneath the wrath of Allah as he slaughters the sons of pigs and monkeys at the Saddam airport.

Day 16: Our brave 10-year old soldiers have repulsed the enemy from the outskirts of Baghdad.

Day 17: No press conference today.

When I become the Dark Overlord, the first thing I'm going to do is burn all of the maps, just in case I get invaded. Wouldn't want the people to lose heart that way.

Posted by Jeff at April 5, 2003 11:32 AM | Link Cosmos

And when I am the Dark Overlordess, the first thing I'll do is hire someone to make all my posts ;-)

Posted by: Stephanie on April 7, 2003 03:07 PM
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