March 19, 2003

A Weasel of One

Fox News has an article about Hans Blix and his feelings about Iraq. The Clueless One apparently believes a number of implausible things.

Iraq won't use their chemical/biological weapons, because Saddam Hussein cares about public opinion:

And even on the brink of defeat, when using such weapons might be a last resort, Saddam's government would still care about public opinion, Blix said. "Some people care about their reputation even after death," he said.

The UN, UNMOVIC and Blix himself are still relevant:

Blix gave a news conference ... Wednesday ... to discuss his list of key remaining disarmament tasks for Iraq and what the United Nations can do to provide humanitarian relief when war begins.

The real problem is not Saddam's intransigence, nor France's unwillingness to back up UNSC resolutions with meaningful action, but rather the Coalition's willingness to back up UNSC resolutions with meaningful action:

Blix expressed disappointment that the United States, Britain and Spain had decided so quickly that inspections weren't working. In the face of strong council opposition, the three countries on Monday abandoned efforts to seek Security Council backing for war.

When Resolution 1441 was adopted Nov. 8 giving Iraq a final opportunity to disarm, Blix said he believed all council members were serious about strengthening inspections and giving them a chance.

"But then some didn't have the patience a little earlier than others have done, and I think that's a pity," he said.

Perhaps, oh perhaps, we were serious about disarming Iraq, rather than going through another inspections charade? Not in Blix world. Blix also believes that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction, because:

During 3 months of inspections, Blix said, his teams found no evidence of chemical or biological weapons.

But no matter what happens, it has nothing to do with Blix:

Asked whether he believed Saddam would use such weapons, if he has them, Blix said: "I think they would be able if the weapons were there -- and I'm not saying they are. And I'm not saying that they have means of delivery -- but they could have it. ... But I doubt that they would have the will to do it."

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