March 12, 2003

American Values are not Just Theoretical

From Joanne Jacobs, we have another example of why the US is the greatest country on Earth:

Immediately everyone in the place rushed to her side to make sure she was all right. A few random women sat with her until the paramedics came, holding her hand and rubbing her forehead with a damp towel. . . (The paramedic/firefighters) were wearing shirts that said "Menlo Park Fire" on the back, but on the sleeves was written "FDNY." When I saw that I remembered that the Menlo Park fire department had been one of the first groups clamoring to go to New York to help the rescue effort at the World Trade Center. Then I started to cry.

When they finally wheeled the fainting woman off on a stretcher, one of the women who had happened to be sitting nearby offered to go with her to the hospital. Another two said they would drive her car home for her.

Sometimes I forget what all this is for. Sometimes I forget what Bush means when he says we're going to war to protect American freedoms and American values. But then I see something like this and it all comes back to me. I don't understand how anyone sitting in that coffee shop with me tonight and who saw what I saw could say that America is an inherently selfish country, filled with people only looking out for their own interests. In a random night that involved little destruction and no big speeches, I remembered everything I love about living here.

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