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June 6, 2007

Missing Cat (Updated: Found Cat)

Our older cat, Merlin, has gone missing. He went outside Saturday afternoon, and hasn't come home. Going outside is very normal for him; not coming home is, needless to say, not. My hope is that someone took him inside during the rain, not realizing that he actually has a home (he won't wear a collar, so he has no identification on him). But if that were the case, I would have thought he'd be home by now, assuming they let him out. We've checked the pound, and asked some neighbors to help, and posted on a couple of missing pets lists. Tomorrow we're going to put up signs in the neighborhood.

In the meantime, if you see a black, domestic long-hair cat in the Parkside Preserve neighborhood of Waterford, MI, let me know.

When we hadn't lived in Dallas for very long, and had just gotten our first apartment together, Stephanie and I would walk around our apartment complex at night for exercise. This young black tomcat would follow us, deigning to wrestle with us or let us pet him from time to time. Eventually, we took him in, and started posting ads for his owner. When the office staff told us he was a stray that everyone sorta kinda looked after, well, he was ours from then on.

That was 15 years ago, and Merlin was already a year or so old at that point, so it's possible his time was just up, and that he is simply dead. Merlin was a very old cat, and cats sometimes just find a place to hide and die alone when their time comes. I certainly hope that's not the case, and we'll keep looking. If he is dead, I will be — well, words fail me. Merlin was my first cat, ever. (I'm actually a dog person.) In fact, Merlin was also my first pet that was mine, rather than my father's.

Here, kitty kitty kitty.

UPDATE: After 5 days, we found our missing cat. He was at a house some 1000' away, but had gotten lost in the rain. The person who owns the house where Merlin had taken refuge (under their deck) saw our sign and called us, for which we are eternally grateful.

By the way, if you find a stray or strayed adult cat, giving it milk is a bad idea: cow milk is not (despite the popular image) actually good for cats. Though again, we are glad they at least fed Merlin something, because five days would be a long time to go without, and Merlin will hunt, but he's not used to depending on his hunting.

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