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May 9, 2007

Rage Against Stupidity - A Call for Action

Glenn Reynolds points to this delightful rant about the administrators of Tennessee State University, who (in their boundless enthusiasm to prevent another Virginia Tech-style rampage) have banned squirt guns! You heard me: they banned squirt guns. Well, that would have stopped the various sociopaths who have shot up schools in the past!

All right. That's it. It's not legal to shoot idiots in the street. It's arguably not even moral. So since these idiots insist on beclowning themselves in public, I propose that we follow suit. Here's the deal: if enough people (say, ten) are seriously interested in, and will commit to, showing up in Nashville, in front of the administration building, on July 2 at 4pm local time, in clown suits and carrying squirt guns, then I and my family will also show up, in clown suits and carrying squirt guns, and we will join together in soaking the front of the administration building.

The madness must stop! The idiots must be opposed! Those who insist on beclowning themselves must face the wrath of clowns!

Who's with me?

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