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April 11, 2007

Life is Deep, Perhaps

Inspired by the always-insane Wondermark, here are some song lyrics, which have been run through Babelfish from English to Japanese and back. Your task: guess the songs. No fair looking below the "More..." link until you've made a guess.

  1. That heart because of rent however is not, the haughty way he does not have to be put in place. The quiet defense which that spare and many day comes being, from thing rides. It is what which is said river society concerning thing and that company which are said? The fog do to catch, capture ones of myth the mystery do to catch, catch drifting. As for the world, there is a world, there is love, it meaning that that eye is wide, life is deep, perhaps.
  2. As for the magical errand which it dries can call from the depth of your dishonor, solid mind elegantly your lever re-arranges, and the music which comes from the distance directly entirely achieves, and the fruit of the person who is recorded tastes everything vis-a-vis time loses. And the point assessing everywhere, ev' which it leads; Ry selects one. Dewdrop like music of the sun can praise us and the removing, and the course you' where we move; The plain which chooses re running.
  3. There are many of the child and the child who places the law in circle. When they jump, simultaneously, I, in the top and bottom, desire thing to the top and bottom. Being thrown in this role which when enters? When in order to turn to fasion which wears the clothes? Throw your gown, to the top and bottom. Normal There' As for s what kind of you' for whether the sky, everything which you say of; The proverb of re, it makes possible inquires about that. And to the element of the thing which that prays, leaving, try to keep accompanying. Until we play to only the sky. Until we play to only the sky.

OK, some of those might be obscure if you don't share my musical tastes, so let's try some current pop songs and some very, very well-known songs of the past. List two:

  1. Love in order to do, loves me. Always I love, I' The truth which is ll, so in order to do happiness I whom it does, loves am known. Whoa in order to do, loves me.
  2. The black where the car and the theyre all line flower were painted and my love which comes returning both never my people turns the head, not observing at that my center which day I see directly exactly in by my is left and sees if you look at that it is the black which I see thing evry which goes like the baby of the new life which is caused my darkness personal opinion, to because the girl walks being able to dress the clothes with clothing of their summers, my my head must be turned, red door me that we want the black no color which was painted already me desired those in order to turn me The red door and as for that the black which was painted perhaps when facin which then directly is not easy in sickness fact and atrophying because it is not necessary to face being black me your entire world is black instantly
  3. If you attach those to the gold body, me; Family Sippin' With show after Grammies which likes the fact that it goes coolly or however many records selling me, the diamond ring entirely I' M I' which is not primitive; In m those don' The average of t Chaperons or it is not the limousine queen of the thing which shops high thing I clean, the magazine and boogie scene I' of the movie screen; M I' With m me the machine which still goes to TACO BELL drive, unprocessed me don' The worry and substance I' of t; M still it is not, recollection of many day when I had Mustang

    And the answers:

    1. Rush, Tom Sawyer
    2. Yes, Close to the Edge
    3. Dar Williams, Playing to the Firmament

    That last one really was cheating, since Dar Williams is not, sadly, well known.

    The second list:

    1. The Beatles, Love me Do
    2. The Rolling Stones, Paint it Black
    3. Fergie, Glamorous

    Posted by jeff at April 11, 2007 12:02 AM

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    For some reason they all sound like Yes.

    Posted by: Demosophist [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 12, 2007 2:32 PM

    That might because the actual lyrics are things like "I eat at Chez Nu" (Love Will Find a Way) and "A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace/and rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace" (Close to the Edge). I was wondering if Close to the Edge would come back with lyrics more or less freaky.

    Posted by: Jeff Medcalf at April 12, 2007 6:25 PM

    Ok, without looking, I am totally clueless about the first three. On the second list, I want to say number one is "Love Me Do" and number two is definitely "Paint It Black". Number three has a brief bit that sounds like "Rock On", but I know it's not that. I don't know what it is.

    Posted by: Brian at April 16, 2007 12:22 AM