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November 2, 2006

Don't Get This One at All

OK, so I'm being bombarded, for days now, by spam comments I only used to get occasionally. (OK, I have always been getting lots of spam comments; I'm referring only to this particular type of spam comment.) Normally, it makes sense when you get spam comments: they are either pointers to web sites or they are direct offers or they are spam markers, which the spammers then search for to see where they've been effective, so they can concentrate on those hosts.

These I cannot figure out. None of the text is actual words, nor is the name. They are apparently random sequences of characters. I tried searching them in Google, and got zero results on any of the words in either the name or the body text. So it can't be a spam marker, because I refuse to believe that there is anything, no matter how dumb, that will be universally blocked. These come from hundreds of different zombies. (I've taken to just adding them to my firewall so that the entire IP is blocked from my network, so I only get one or two from any given address before that address is blocked.)

The web site left with the comment is non-existent. They are all at mail.com email addresses, none of which seem to be real.

I just do not get what this particular vandal is going for, but I am getting tempted to go from defensive to offensive warfare, breaking into each zombie and killing it dead dead dead. If enough people did that, it would shut down the botnets eventually. Of course, there is the small matter of it being illegal... so it must just remain temptation. But if anyone knows sites that shut down bots, and take recommendations, I have more than a thousand blocked addresses so far.

Posted by jeff at November 2, 2006 9:47 PM

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