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September 11, 2006


After 9/11, NORAD and other sources claim that NORAD is notified at this time Flight 175 has been hijacked. [North American Aerospace Defense Command, 9/18/2001; CNN, 9/17/2001; Washington Post, 9/12/2001; Associated Press, 8/19/2002; Newsday, 9/10/2002] The 9/11 Commission, however, later concludes that New York flight control gives NEADS its first notification that Flight 175 has been hijacked at 9:03 a.m. [9/11 Commission, 6/17/2004] If this earlier account is the accurate one, NEADS technicians learn of the hijacking at the exact same time the flight controllers do. They already have their headsets linked to Boston flight control to track Flight 11 at this time,and so they learn instantly about Flight 175. [Newhouse News Service, 1/25/2002]

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