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July 28, 2006

A Matter of Time?

A few years ago, a Muslim man shot up an El Al (Israeli airline) counter at LAX. Authorities said it wasn't terrorism.

A few years ago, two Muslim men went on a sniping spree in the Washington, DC area, killing several. Authorities said it wasn't terrorism.

Now a Muslim man has shot several Jewish women in Seattle, killing at least one. Undoubtedly, authorities will say it wasn't terrorism. (They have already said that there is no indication the shooter was linked to a terrorist organization. Their powers of investigation must be superhuman.)

The problem with these kinds of denials by the authorities is that people have a sense of self-preservation, and they're not idiots. Why is that a problem? What is the smallest group that we can act against and still be safe from this kind of attack? The authorities seem to be letting it narrow down to "Muslim men", because they are not facing up to the reality of what kind of people are committing these attacks.

My bet: we'll soon learn that the shooter in Seattle was from a middle-class to wealthy family, and was entirely secular, but started attending a Saudi-funded mosque and became very religious and pious, and also quite judgmental. That has, after all, been pretty much the pattern of this kind of attack in the US and Europe to date.

But the thing is, these attacks will almost certainly continue, and intensify. And then when we decide to take preventive measures, because it's becoming crystal clear that the government doesn't have the stomach for it, against whom will we turn? Not against just the actual terrorists, because we don't have any information on who they are. Instead, we will turn against Muslims in general, because we can't get much closer than that, and the authorities won't get that close.

I hope I am wrong, but I fear that it is just a matter of time until there start to be actual attacks on Muslims in the US, rather than just in CAIR's fever dreams.

UPDATE: What I fear right now is this: "But this guy does belong to a "larger organization", the largest terror organization in the world called ISLAM."

And this: "If anyone practices Islam they are a terrorist, again pure and simple. Time to get all of them out of the country, voluntary or by force, including deadly force. This shows you can't trust any of the slime balls."

If these comments become widespread belief, there will be much more blood shed than is necessary. We have to take our PC blinkers off — that is to say, the government has to do so — and solve the problem of figuring out which are the dangerous fanatics in our midst. Otherwise, eventually, people will take matters into their own hands. And in the end, vigilantism is both effective at solving the original problems, and dangerous for any innocents in the wrong place, or wrong skin, at the wrong time. I'd rather avoid that, thanks.

Posted by jeff at July 28, 2006 10:16 PM

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You might find this hard to believe, but I'd rather avoid it too.

The problem is that Islam itself is a toxic ideology. Perhaps most of those who describe themselves as Muslims don't accept all its exhortations to jihad, but in confrontation with their Muslim brethren who do, they are religiously handicapped and intellectually disarmed. When we add Islam's command to stand with one's brother Muslims against all "infidels," regardless of the merits, the matter becomes critical.

Quarantine has become imperative. The alternative is genocide.

"Take your choice, there is no other -- and your time is running out." (Ayn Rand)

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 29, 2006 4:11 AM

The time will come that *anyone* who is devoutly religous will be considered dangerous. The US has a terrible track record on the protection of non-mainstream religion. (Of course, mainstream religion is fast becoming nondenominational and nonbelieving, anyway.)

So I would take the ? off your title.

Posted by: queuno at July 29, 2006 1:05 PM

We have to...solve the problem of figuring out which are the dangerous fanatics in our midst
Can it be solved? Short of Orwellian monitoring, how do you identify more than a tiny fraction of the people the intend to commit any crime, let alone terrorism?

Anyone with half a brain and a complete disregard for the consequences can create a lot of havoc.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 1, 2006 11:52 PM