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December 16, 2004

BBQ Pork and Baked Beans

Note: this is a post recovered from my old blog, before it died of an insufficient backup. Any comments/trackbacks on it have not been brought over, but can be seen with the original. The date is that of the original posting.


I've never posted on Carnival of the Recipes - heck, I've never posted recipes, but what the heck: here's dinner:

BBQ Pork

pork shoulder roast - about 4-5 lbs (I used a 7 lb. pork shoulder this time - you just have to adjust the amount of sauce and vinegar mix)
3 cups cider vinegar
onion flakes (optional)
6-9 peeled garlic cloves
BBQ sauce
hamburger buns
cheddar slices if you wish

Put the pork shoulder in a large pot, along with a cup of the cider vinegar, water to cover and about a dozen peppercorns. Bring to a boil, then simmer covered about 3 hours.

Before the 3 hours is up, preheat the oven to 350 degrees and combine the rest of the cider vinegar, the cayenne (to taste) and the onion flakes (if you want them).

Transfer the pork shoulder to a greased or oiled roasting pan (be sure to use one that lets the fat drippings get away from the meat). Stuff the garlic cloves into the meat. Pour a little of the vinegar mix over the top. Roast for 3 hours, basting every 15 minutes with the vinegar mix, and turning over completely half-way through.

Transfer to a pan or large bowl, pull the pork (use two forks to shred it all), and mix with BBQ sauce. You can make your own; I use a most of an 18oz bottle of Stubb's Bar-B-Q Sauce. (Wonderful stuff!)

Near the end of the cooking time, butter and toast the buns. Serve the pork over the buns open-face with cheddar, or just make a sandwich.

Baked Beans

Lg. can or two normal cans of pork and beans
brown sugar

Drain the pork and beans. Put them in a large pyrex bowl or some similar container (you want something that you can serve in, too). Smooth the beans. Add a layer of bacon. Add a layer of catsup and smooth it down. Add a layer of brown sugar. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Because of the temperature, you can cook this at the same time the pork is cooking.

Serve with a salad.

OK, so it takes six hours: it's worth it.


Jeff -

A couple of minor addition possibilities for your baked beans:

Add a teaspoon or so of ground mustard, stir into the beans.

Stir a half-cup (or more, I do) of chopped onions into the beans before your other layers.

Add a dash or six of Worcestershire sauce...

Just some things to mix it up a bit. I actually do all of these, but instead of your ketchup (yes, I'm just being contrarian), I use BBQ sauce. And you're right, the Stubbs stuff rocks.

Happy eating. :)

- Dave

Posted by: Dave on December 13, 2004 03:50 PM


The beans are perfect.

Your beans sound lovely, Dave, but you do not understand that our beans are perfect.


Posted by: Stephanie on December 13, 2004 09:28 PM
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Posted by jeff at December 16, 2004 12:00 AM

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