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April 21, 2004

Question for Kerry

Note: this is a post recovered from my old blog, before it died of an insufficient backup. Any comments/trackbacks on it have not been brought over, but can be seen with the original. The date is that of the original posting.


Best of the Web today notes John Kerry promising to create 10 million jobs, while there are only 8.4 million unemployed in the US. The leads to a question that I would like to see the Senator answer: "Senator, do you propose to 'outsource' 1.6 million current jobs in the process1, allow 1.6 million new immigrant workers, or do you propose making up the difference by increasing taxes and regulations?"

1Hey, if a President can create jobs, he can outsource them as well.


Jeff, the answer is obvious. 1.6 million workers will need two jobs to survive Kerry's tax increases on them.

Posted by: Brian on April 7, 2004 11:59 AM
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Posted by jeff at April 21, 2004 12:00 AM

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