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March 18, 2004

Top Ten Things Comment Spammers Should Know

Note: this is a post recovered from my old blog, before it died of an insufficient backup. Any comments/trackbacks on it have not been brought over, but can be seen with the original. The date is that of the original posting.

10.I loathe comment spam.
9.Everyone that I know loathes comment spam.
8.No one comes here to find out about penis enlargement techniques/products
7.or how to get Viagra without the embarassment of admitting that you need it (or the inconvenience of getting a prescription)
6.or any other legal drug, even if it's really cheap because it's imported, or stolen, or a sugar pill made to look like a legal drug
5.(or, for that matter, any illegal drug).
4Or even porn, though I'll probably start getting hits from all kinds of strange searches after posting this list.
3.Comment spam is rude. It takes up room on my server, time for me to delete (or my readers to scan past it if I don't delete it fast enough), and causes the pool of IP addresses that can post to the blog to shrink, because I ban IPs used for spamming. You don't have a property right to my blog, so at best you're scrawling digital graffiti.
2.I'm not a prude; I don't care what the spam is about. I just don't like spam.
1.I delete comment spam within a very short number of hours (as soon as I see it) and ban the address it came from, so it's not like it's even effective.


What I noticed is that most comment spam doesn't hit the recent entries but the old ones (probably off of search engines). I finally started locking old entries.

Posted by: Mark L on March 10, 2004 09:30 PM

True, but the problem is that there are good comments still coming in to some of those. For example, my post on religion in schools has students come by from time to time to leave comments.

Posted by: Jeff on March 10, 2004 10:03 PM
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Posted by jeff at March 18, 2004 12:00 AM

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