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July 12, 2003

Carnival of the Vanities #43

Note: this is a post recovered from my old blog, before it died of an insufficient backup. Any comments/trackbacks on it have not been brought over, but can be seen with the original. The date is that of the original posting.

Welcome to Carnival of the Vanities #43, a place to find posts you would otherwise have missed. Upcoming stops can be found here, with next week's Carnival being hosted by DaGoddess, starting on July 23. Her announcement is here.

This week, we showcase 47 blogs. These are in no particular order.

Kevin Murphy, of funmurphys the blog: The Perception of Racism
Kevin looks at how equal rates of racist acts among differently-sized populations can lead to radically different apparent rates of racism.

Andrew Ian Castel-Dodge, of Sasha and Andrew's Roundtable: Monty Python to the rescue
Andrew watches too much TV - but it's good TV.

Stephanie Medcalf, of One-Sixteenth: Texas passes philosophical exemption for vaccinations
Stephanie looks at Texas' new philosophical exemption to vaccination from an individual-rights perspective.

Pril, of Nth of Pril: Dads
Pril writes about her dad, with a little bitterness and a lot of love.

Bussorah, of Wicked Thoughts: Those Lovely Liberians
Is there anyone in Liberia worth saving?

John Ray, of Dissecting Leftism: Reparations
John Ray notes that his (white) ancestors were brought to a new country on a ship in chains to do forced labor. Should he get reparations, too?

Phil Ingram, of The Flying Chair has four posts about life in Hong Kong
Spot Regina
Population 1, Government 0
Bruce Lee - The Museum that is Yet to Be
Strange News: Apparently Elephants do Forget

Nathan Alexander, of Brain Fertilizer: Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
And there are assault weapons, too. But so what?

Norbizness, of Happy Furry Puppy Story Time: A Primer on Patriotism for Unpatriotic Bastards
"My idea of patriotism is to love the potential of America enough to constantly be bitterly disappointed in its activities, its lunkheaded denizens with the historical memory of a fruit fly, and its mutant, corrosive pop culture that spreads over the globe like a flesh-eating bacteria."

Eva, of Easternblog: Bob's Escape
A very fun tale of Belze Bob's (the rubber Devil Duck) trip to Ottowa. Mooooooooose.

Precision Blogging is a relatively new blog, with an unusual format: just one small post each day.

Chan Eddy, of Weekend Pundit: A Modest Proposal
An, um, interesting proposal for a change to how our Representatives and President are chosen. Wouldn't it be simpler and truer to our Constitutional ideals to just repeal amendments 16 (to reimpose fiscal responsibility on the government) and 17 (to return power to the States where it belongs), and to add a provision such that no House district can consist of more than 150000 people?

Harvey Olson, of Bad Money: What I'd Miss the Most
The picture she hates that I love so much, and why it makes me glad she married me.

Tiger, of Tiger: Raggin' & Rantin': My day, or the good, the bad and the ugly
Reasons to go to the dentist fairly regularly, here presented as a cautionary tale.

Aubrey Turner, of aubreyturner.org: RFID Tags
Aubrey expresses privacy concerns about the use of RFID tags in consumer products.

Val Prieto, of Babalu Blog: Revolutionary Oil Lamps
How do you get thrown in jail in Cuba? Make ordinary oil lamps.

Alex Gray, of _a_l_e_x__g_r_a_y_: Technical Certification - What a Load of Crap
Why technical certifications are a racket. (And speaking as an IT guy, he's right.)

Chad, of yang: Hope
A very human story, with a moral or two. Worth reading. "What I hope I can impart to you with the story of my travels is that America is not merely a place or a collection of places or people. Some would characterize it as an idea, but I think that this is also not entirely accurate. I think America is a collective hope, and that both the soldiers of Fort Lewis and the students of Evergreen [College] are necessary parts of that hope."

Ibyx, of I Know This is Probably Bad for Me: Take Action on Behalf of America's Neediest Children
An impassioned and emotional call for action to save Head Start.

Peter P., of The World According to Pete: NEW SLANG...FOR THE NOT SO HIP
A list of suggestions for new slang terms.

James, of Parkway Rest Stop: The Great One
A paean to Jackie Gleason.

Sean Hackbarth, of The American Mind: Conserving Marriage
A conservative view of the the societal advisability of allowing non-traditional marriages.

Jerome du Bois, of The Tears of Things: Godisms
A kind of mandala on the nature of god. This has the kind of look and feel of a labyrinth, so (as you might guess from the name of my blog and domain, and the artwork therein), this has a particular appeal to me, personally.

Madeleine Begun Kane, of MadKane: Bush Says the Words
A funny parody of I Write the Songs, bashing a bit on President Bush over the controversy with Iraq's possible attempted purchase of yellowcake uranium from Niger.

Meryl Yourish, of yourish.com: Fish or boobs
A post about, uh, wood.

Internet Ronin, of Internet Ronin: College Summer Reading Programs
Internet Ronin suggests that people make too much of the pre-entry summer reading assigned by colleges, along with the excellent point that "If all it takes to convert students to radical thought is to ask them to read a book, democratic capitalism is in very serious trouble and will die out before I do."

Solonor, of Solonor's Ink Well: Telly...
It's amazing what you can sometimes hear yourself say in the middle of a meeting.

Sarah Fitz-Claridge, of Taking Children Seriously: Choosing Creativity - by Kolya Wolf
An article expressing why it is important to allow children to learn without coercion, and comparing children's natural learning with the scientific method.

Setting the World to Rights: Slavery
Did President Bush's comments in Africa on the evil of the American slave trade perpetuate the calumny that slavery was a mostly Western Institution?

The Yeti, of Tales from a Yeti Suit: I am the Greatest
Funny story of a night out, and maitai torture.

Adam H, of A Single Guy in the South: The Great BBQ War and The Great BBQ War Goes On
Crazy Adam H thinks real BBQ is made from pigs. Sadly, his deluded commenters largely seem to agree. Next time you're in the DFW area Adam, look me up, and we'll get some real BBQ. We Texans are kind to foreigners, so you can get cooked pig there, if you're from Tennessee or somewhere like that.

Pietro, of The SmarterCop: A Grave Situation in Florida
Pietro blogs about the potential consequences of throwing out Florida's parental consent law for minors wanting an abortion. While I'm not certain that I entirely agree with him on the consequences, or at least their probability, I do think it's interesting that "here kids can't even get their ears pierced without parental consent and the court is saying they can let a doctor perform invasive surgery without a whisper to their parents."

Kikuchyu, of Kikuchyu News: Recursive Reporting
Weblogs reporting on the media reporting on weblogs...

Christopher Genovese, of Signal + Noise: Essential Merit
Are you good enough? Even if that Nobel Prize hasn't come your way, don't be too quick to judge. Here's why.

Pieter Dorsman, of PeakTalk: Manipulating Surface Level Emotions
Pieter critically examines Canadian opinion surveys about attitudes towards the US, and how they serve their Leftist exponents.

Kevin Aylward, of WizBangBlog: More Thoughts on the Link Cosmos
Kevin has done a real service to bloggers by posting instructions on how to add the Link Cosmos (from Technorati to each post blogged. (In fact, you'll see that posts here have that feature, now.) The "More Thoughts" post makes an eminently reasonable suggestion that high-traffic, commentless sites should include this as a service to their readers.

Da Goddess, of Da Goddess: Oooh! That Woman!
This post had me laughing out loud. My wife has a tendency to get ravaged this way, too...

TimeKeeper, of Horologium: Fun With Lefty Activists
TimeKeeper takes aim at PETA activists, with a question about the hypocrisy of their fundamental beliefs.

The Raving Atheist, of The Raving Atheist: Authority
The Raving Atheist is dismissive of appeals to religious authority as a basis of arguing the rightness of opinions (in the case cited, about the Law of Moses).

Kevin Baker, of Smallest Minority: "A Mistake Free People Get to Make Only Once"
Kevin discusses the actual purpose of the second amendment, and why it is still relevant (and worth the costs) today.

Joe Dougherty, of Attaboy: Next: Chippendale by Night, Minister by Day
Joe looks at the minor bruhaha over SpikeTV's Stripperella, and wonders if it's not just a stunt to get people to watch.

Eric Lindholm, of VikingPundit: Victims of their own Success
Eric discusses how non-profits can lose their way when they carry the argument, and focuses on the NAACP as an example (he gives others as well).

Greyhawk, of The Mudville Gazette: Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy?
Part of an epic series of posts touring the walls that American soldiers guard, viewed from the dirt. Not what you'll see in a newspaper. Read the whole series, starting here.

Sharon, of Brazos Cantina: Hurricane/Tropical Storm Claudette
Notes on Sharon's feelings about Claudette, and links that caught her attention this week.

Dean Esmay, of Dean's World: Random Linguistic Observations
Languages evolve. Grammarians need to relax.

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