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November 8, 2010

New School Year!

April. Really? I haven't blogged since April? That's very sad.

But hey, it's a new school year! Okay, it's nearly halfway through a new school year. I thought I might finally share what we're doing, in this year that includes our first year of homeschooling high school.

This year my co-op has moved from enrichment to running the show. The co-op classes are academic one day classes, with homework to fill the rest of the week. This is one reason we are not currently using TOG - it just doesn't make much sense with our new format.

For his first year of high school, Connor is taking Latin, Greek, humanities (literature, history, and the arts) and Great Books (covers history, literature, rhetoric) with the co-op. And biology, sort of. We do math at home.

I'm teaching Latin, and for that we're using Lingua Latina plus Galore Park's So You Really Want to Learn Latin series. Currently the class is in Cap. 19 of Lingua Latina, and halfway through book 2 of SYR. They'll finish all three SYR books this year. We'll get through as much Lingua Latina as we get through.

I'm also teaching the Great Books class. This is a very experimental class; my main focus is on teaching the students to not be afraid of these works. We mainly read and discuss. So far we've read the Iliad, and are halfway through Herodotus' Histories. We are having a blast with these texts!

For biology, after some false starts and trial and error, we are using the plan laid out at Quarks and Quirks, complete with labs.

For 7th grade, Aidan is taking Greek (Elementary Greek II), Latin (Cambridge Unit 2), humanities and science (Rainbow Science) at the co-op, and we do math and, theoretically, writing at home. (Right now he's participating in NaNoWriMo.)

The younger boys are in 3rd and 4th grades this year - can you believe it? At co-op they have Latin (Minimus), Classical Studies (Rome), art, and science (Singapore). We do math (Right Start), handwriting, writing (Writing With Ease and CW Aesop), and spelling (All About Spelling) at home, plus we are reading through some of the Ambleside Online reading lists. (When the library and I are on speaking terms, that is.)

We're using some Ambleside Online recommendations for the older kids, too such as reading through Plutarch's Lives aloud, as a family, slowly. This is fun. Honest! Try it!

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