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June 10, 2006

Not Exactly

Hey, did you know that you can't get onto 280 in Toledo from I-75? That the ramp is closed?

Neither did I.

We were very late for the ferry. We had been shooting for the 9 am ferry. I think we made the 11 am. At any rate, we made a ferry. It was the kind you drive your car onto, and the kids were impressed. Aidan said, "Now we can get seasick and carsick at the same time!" He's a pretty ambitious one himself.

The ferry took us to Kelleys Island out in lake Erie. It's a very pretty little island, with a nice beach that isn't overrun with people. The trip was even educational, as they have a nice sample of glacial grooves to view. The picture on the website does not do it justice. The grooves are impressive, and the landscape around them (an abandoned quarry) is gorgeous.

The schoolhouse there hosts 28 students in grades K-12. A sign outside the school showed the name of one student, and then "Congratulations Class of 2006." I would think that if you are the only student in your graduating class, and if there cannot be more than two or three students in any class, that you'd face some sort of the same socialization "issues" that homeschoolers supposedly do. What's the difference there, beyond walking out of your house and into your classroom for one? At any rate, it must be hard to get a nice social clique going. And what about dating?

At any rate, we left the beach at 3:00 to catch the 3:30 ferry. So far so good. But guess what? You can get onto 280 coming from the east ... as long as you follow the detour that takes you through the heart of downtown Toledo at the beginnings of rush hour.

Google said the trip would take us a little over two hours. Three and a half. Three and a half. So we missed the picnic entirely, and we should have just taken an extra hour on the beach.

Oh, well.

My kids are good travelers, and we had a great time, even if too much of it was spent in the car.

Posted by lynx at June 10, 2006 7:14 AM

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Oh my! I clicked on the Kelleys Island link and they had an ad for that 1.6 mil house with it's own private beach. God, if I had that kind of money...

Posted by: Shawna at June 10, 2006 2:21 PM

For some reason the mention of glacial grooves (which we never went to see in the 6 years we lived in the area, although my sister went while on her way to visit us) reminded me of the fossil park/limestone quarry in Toledo. Be sure to check it out. It's on the north side, so no chance of detour through downtown.

Posted by: GailV at June 10, 2006 5:51 PM

Wow, that's quite a day! I'm w/ you, I'd have opted for the extra beach time instead of traffic. Lessons learned, right?

The boys sound like such fun. I'm glad you are getting out and enjoying the area with them.


Posted by: Dy at June 11, 2006 3:18 AM

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