June 29, 2003

Owl Post

Tomorrow morning Connor and Aidan will find their letters and registration forms for the Hogwarts Summer Correspondence School. The letters are from Professor McGonagall, and are nicely printed out with nifty fonts on real parchment. In a little while I will go seal them with sealing wax and an 'H' stamp.

I'm a little nervous about this, actually. First of all, I don't want to let them down, especially Aidan. I'm afraid I won't be able to deliver up to their expectations. Aidan was disappointed with his Harry Potter birthday party. He later told me that he had been expecting us to turn the house into all the different Hogwarts rooms.

Secondly, while I want them to get lost in the fantasy, Aidan might take it too seriously. So I've got to find that fine line of indulging your child's fantasy world, while fostering a healthy sense of reality (and not being let down by reality).

At any rate, here we go! :)

I don't know when we'll get back to regular homeschooling. We will break this week anyway, to do American History/patriotic type stuff. Next week we'll start Hogwarts, and that will buy me time while I order some of the things we need to get the ball rolling (SOTW2 Activity Guide, the next level of Singapore Earlybird for Aidan, some Cuisenaire rods, etc.). So we may not be truly back on track until the end of August. And then I'll have a second grader and a kindergartener, my my!

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